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My Charges

• My first hour £105, any additional hour £85, no VAT because I am not VAT registered (my turnover is below the compulsory registration - I don't install boilers, only service them). If a job takes one and a quarter hours then that is what I charge.  Some companies will charge for two hours if a job goes over one hour by one minute.

• Parts. The inclusive price I charge for Vokera parts will be no more than the Vokera trade price plus 10% plus VAT, whereas some companies will use a higher mark up from the trade price. The VAT that I pay on parts is included within the final price, but is not shown separately because I am not VAT registered. When people enquire about rates charged they seldom ask about the charging policy for parts. They should.

• Only time on site charged for - many companies charge for going to buy spare parts

• Out of normal hours visits by arrangement, for a one-off additional fee of £35. 'Out of normal hours' = any job booked to start later than 4pm weekdays or anytime Saturday and Sunday

• Congestion charging zone - please add £12. However, you will find that my rates are very favourable compared with normal central London rates.

• If any additional chargeable work is required within three months, for example if something else goes wrong, then the labour is charged at the'continuation' rate of £85/hr, with no minimum period.

• Guarantee: if a part that I have fitted fails within 12 months then I will replace it free of charge (i.e. no parts charge and no labour charge)

• I provide clear and fully itemised invoices printed out on completion of work, quantifying labour and parts costs separately. I can provide a duplicate invoice/receipt at no extra charge e.g. if you need to claim reimbursement from someone and want a copy to keep for your records

• I normally explain over the phone some simple checks that can be made before I am called out so that an unnecessary visit is avoided.

• Finally, what happens if after everything, the cheque bounces? Simple... I send da boys round. Click here for a preview of the mafiosi, if you dare...

Peter Lennard, Vaillant, Viessmann & Vokera Specialist
020 8674 1166

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